Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

The Healing Touch Body Therapy

Summer will be here before you know it. Pools and beaches, sun and sand. They can wreak havoc on your beautifully made-up face! How can you look fresh and lovely 24 hours a day? Impossible? Not at all! Tamara has the answer for you: permanent make-up.

Imagine looking your best, all day - and into the romantic hours of the night! Imagine looking your loveliest even when you swim or engage in exercise. Add to that the convenience of never having to apply - or remove your makeup! Permanent makeup can make a positive difference in the way you look - and feel about yourself.

Here we specialize in performing a lasting service that enhances your natural features and simplifies your daily routine. Wake-up in the morning, go swimming, play tennis, always be ready to go out looking great.

The purpose of permanent makeup is to naturally enhance and define the brows, eyes, and lips. Applying permanent makeup is a gradual procedure, so the color can be as soft or dramatic as you like. Our permanent makeup technician Gabriella Heller is a very experienced and highly qualified permanent makeup artist, trained by the very best…Tamara Friedman. For more than eighteen years, Gabriella Heller applied permanent makeup to over 10,000 satisfied customers.

The importance of using only the best permanent makeup experts cannot be stressed enough. Unfortunately some of our clients have been "fix-ups" on bad permanent makeup received elsewhere. It is extremely important to shop for the best experience, not the best price. The methods used at Tamara Spa are very safe and incur little discomfort. It is a form of tattooing, but is different in many ways. The method used at Tamara's employs a subtle, shadow effect and looks very natural. We guarantee our results!

Permanent Make-up Special Pricing!